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Variation in Total Carotenoid Content of Gari from Yellow Root Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Varieties During Prolonged Storage (Published)

Agronomic characteristics of some novel yellow root cassava varieties (YRCVs) released in Nigeria in 2011 and 2014 were investigated during their development but there is paucity of information on the stability of total carotenoid content (TCC) in their products during storage, hence this study. Gari from three YRCVs (TMSI011368, TMSI010593 and TMSI010539) and a white root variety (TMS30572) as control were stored under daylight and dark conditions for 1 year. The samples were scored for colour on a scale of 1 (white) to 8 (pink) and analysed for TCC following standard procedures at 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after storage (MAS). Data on TCC were subjected to analysis of variance at α0.05 and correlation was done between gari colour and TCC.  Variety, season and storage duration effects were significant for TCC. Gari from white root had no TCC. The TCC of the bio-fortified gari samples reduced from between 7.49 µg/ g (TMSI011368) and 15.19 µg/ g (TMSI010593) at initial stage to 1.65 µg/ g (TMSI010539, daylight condition) and 2.09 µg/ g (TMSI010593, dark condition) at 3 MAS. Over the 12 months storage period, TMSI010593 and TMSI011368 had the least (7%) and highest (18%) percentage retention, respectively. Notably, colour and TCC of the gari samples were positively correlated under each storage condition.

Keywords: Yellow root cassava varieties, bio-fortified gari, gari colour, gari storage condition, gari storage duration, total carotenoid content

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