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Achievable yield and Farm level

Review on Yield Gap Analysis: Modeling of Achievable Yields at Farm Level (Published)

In the present context, ‘model’ is expressed as a computer program that can be repeatedly run several times for computing several designed mathematical or statistical expressions (equations) governing crop growth-environment relations, given appropriate input data. The experiment station yields obtained under a rainfed situation without any nutrient deficiency mostly considered as the potential yields of rainfed crops. Actual yields are obtained by recording crop yields of farmers in the region under investigation and achievable yield is between actual and potential yield. Actual yields are compared with the potential yields to estimate yield gaps of crops for that area and others which have the same agro-ecology. Achievable yield is determined by factors like availability of moisture and nutrients, Precipitation and irrigation as input, Soil profile water holding characteristics, Plant water balance (transpiration, water uptake), Soil water balance (evaporation, infiltration, runoff, flow, drainage) and Nitrogen fertilizer applications as input, Soil nitrogen conditions, Plant nitrogen balance (uptake, fixation, mobilization), Soil nitrogen balance (mineralization, immobilization, nitrification, denitrification). Generally, modeling Achievable yield of farm depend on water and nutrient data of the area and Actual yield is determined by factors like weeds, insect pests, diseases and pollutants.

Keywords: Achievable yield and Farm level, Gap analysis, Modeling

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