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The Impact of IFRS Application on Asymmetry Accounting Information and Quality of Earnings (Published)

This paper tried to study and analyze the impact of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) application on the asymmetry of accounting information and the impact on the quality of accounting profits. The study used the Saudi insurance sector in the application of the study due to its commitment to adapt IFRS since 2009; the study analyzing period was divided into two periods. The first period was before the application of IFRS (2007-2009), while the second period represents what after the application of IFRS (2010-2012) so it consistent with the goal of the study.  The total number of the sample companies has reached (20) companies in each year. The study tested (9) variables in each company for a period of (6) connected years, bringing the total number of views (1080) Shows. Hypotheses testing finding exposed that there is a relationship between the application of IFRS and the asymmetry of accounting information, and there is a significant relationship between the application of IFRS and the quality of earnings after the application of standards and the lack of a relationship before applying the IFRS.

Keywords: Asymmetry Accounting Information, IFRS, Quality of Earnings

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