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history repeat itself

Liberalism, as End and not as Mean, Destroys Liberty (Published)

Today we are facing to a anthropological crisis not economic founded on neolibelralism absolute truhe , so indeed seeing the success of a highly liberalist and capitalist sociocultural model, taken as being “indisputably true” and based entirely on a technical-rational philosophy. The result is a mainly conflictual and aggressive society that aims to maximize short-term gain for single individuals or groups of individuals. And in turn this produces an individualistic, anti-egalitarian society in terms of redistribution of wealth.  It is exactly the increase of inequalities, as we will see in the USA, which increases the level of conflict. This makes the consequent social issues and costs worse, and these then boomerang back against the system. The current model has ended up by creating a crisis in the middle class, the class that really “primes the pump” in our societies. But if a crisis exists for a significant minority of our societies, inevitably there will be a crisis for everyone else. This paper holds that the true, deep-rooted causes of the crisis we are experiencing can be found in this sociocultural model now on the point of collapse. A model incapable of providing an answer for society’s real needs. We fail to see that the origin of today’s crisis all began way back, in the history of philosophy and in the field of speculation. Instead today we are used to always linking negative or positive facts to the last event that occurs.So a single technical-rational and materialistic culture and philosophy, and its indifference to the humanistic culture that has developed over the past two centuries, prevents us from capturing the more metaphysical and spiritual as opposed to purely physical essence of the crisis under way. This has been legitimated by a culture claiming that the sole principle of truth is “what we can see, touch and measure”. In fact, while physical reality is measurable, spiritual and emotional reality is not, and so the perimeter that defines the measurement becomes clouded and irrelevant when used for decisions. But the rationale culture founded on positive science has changed this science in moral science and not instrumental science, but thed deterministic culture in human science, like economy, is ablosolutely opposite to a freedom, democracy, and creative life

Keywords: Inequality, Neoliberalism failure, deterministic culture and democracy, economy social science and not positive scienze, history repeat itself

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