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The Evaluation of Willingness to Receive Stroke: Determining the Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Personality Factors


Emotional intelligence (EI) and personality traits are associated with satisfactory experiences by the learners, according to certain studies. In turn, the relationship between personality factors, emotional intelligence and willingness to receive stroke is also important. Therefore, present study aims to explore the relationship between willingness to receive stroke, emotional intelligence and personality traits. The study was conducted on 296 high school students from schools located in different areas of Mashhad. It was hypothesized that EI and personality traits would significantly predict the level of willingness to receive stroke. The relationship of emotional intelligence and personality traits with willingness to receive strokes was explored and tested both theoretically and empirically. Schutte’s (1998) Self-report Emotional Intelligence (SSEIT), the Big Five Inventory (BFI), and Students’ Stroke Scale (SSS) were used to assess emotional intelligence, personality traits and willingness to receive stroke among high school students. These postulates were examined by Statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) and structural equation modeling (SEM) techniques. The findings revealed that EI subscales were significant predictors of verbal and nonverbal strokes. Among the subscales, well-being positively and significantly predicted verbal stroke, while self-control negatively predicted non-verbal stroke. Further, Personality subscales were predictors of verbal strokes as well. Among the subscales, agreeableness and openness positively and significantly predicted verbal stroke, while neuroticism was a negative predictor. The findings suggest that emotional intelligence components are strong predictors of different components of stroke. Whereas, subscales of personality traits were found to be poor predictors of stroke components and only agreeableness and openness were found to positively and significantly predict verbal stroke.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Personality Traits, willingness to receive stroke

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