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Importance of the School Grades and their Relation with College Student’s meaning of Life (Published)

This research focuses on the importance of school grades and their relation with the meaning of life in university students belonging to the Autonomous University of Campeche. For this, the instruments Purpose in Life Test (PIL) (Crumbaugh, Maholick., 1969) and the Student Sense of Life Questionnaire (Tuz, & et al., 2016) were applied in their scale A and B, part II. Importance of the grades, in a sample constituted by 391 students. The data obtained was analyzed and a correlation was found between the variables, in which, to a lesser degree, the presence of a definite sense of life exists. Obtaining these results is an impulse to continue with investigations of this nature, because it gives a guideline about what happens within the perspective of contemporary youth about what drives them to live day to day.

Keywords: Existential Emptiness., Grades, Meaning Of Life, School Perfomance, University students

Consumption of Pornographic Material, Gender Differences and HIV Risky Sexual Behaviour (Published)

Pornography viewing is gradually becoming a part of life in many countries around the world, including Nigeria. However, the role of the extensive consumption of pornography among the Nigerian youths has not been given much attention in the investigation of HIV risky sexual behaviour in Nigeria. This study examines the predictive strength of pornography viewing and gender differences on HIV risky sexual behaviour among university students.  Using a survey design, 596 university students were selected from 12 departments across three faculties, with simple random technique. A questionnaire focusing on socio-demographic profile and HIV risk behaviour scale (r=0.81) was administered to the participants. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, t- test and regression analysis at 0.05 level of significance. Two hypotheses were tested. The results revealed that pornography viewing and gender differences jointly and independently predicted HIV risk behavior (R2 = .18; F = 59.01; p<.01). Pornography viewing is crucial for a comprehensive examination of HIV risk behaviour.

Keywords: Gender differences, HIV risky behaviour, Nigeria, Pornography, University students

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