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Perception and Reality: United States Mortality (Published)

Our perception of the world is often taken for granted. There are many theories of perception and often they can appear contradictory. Likely, the various theories are focusing on different aspects of a very complex process. For example, in the fairy tale Little Red Cap (Grimm and Grimm 1909) Little Red’s perceptual set fails her when the wolf successfully masquerades as Red’s grandmother. Little Red’s past experience, emotion and context did not help her make sense of new stimuli which lead to her untimely demise. The purpose of this paper is to tease your perception process, not with fairy tales but by presenting U.S. Mortality counts and context statistics for various years including details for the most recent death season 2019-20.  The examination herein provides a timely example of how models of perception conflict with the rich rationality and behavioral literature.

Keywords: : U.S. Crude Death Rates, COVID-19, Context in Perception

Covid-19 Lockdown, Locus of Control and State Anxiety among Residents of Plateau State Nigeria (Published)

A total of 406 participants include 211 (52.0%) males and 195 (48.0%) females participated in this study. Three (3) hypotheses were tested using linear regression at 0.05 significant level. Findings of the study revealed that, the value of the calculated statistic of COVID-19 lockdown was significant, t = 7.070, p = 0.000 (p <.05). The value of calculated statistics of internal locus of control was not significant, t = 1.708, p = 0.088 (p>.05). Furthermore, the value of calculated statistics of external locus of control was significant, t = -4.088, p = 0.000 (P<.05). The researchers conclude that mental health status of individuals should be taken into consideration during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore, recommended that mental health practitioners such as clinical psychologists and psychiatrists should be included as part of the task force to address COVID-19 pandemic considering the possible increase of mental health challenges during and after the pandemic.

Keywords: Anxiety, COVID-19, lockdown, locust of control

Psychological effect of Pandemic Covid-19 on families of health care professionals (Published)

Background: The Pandemic COVID-19 disease is of great public health concern to the world. Its impact is globally felt in all sectors. There is need to measure the level of psychological impact the virus has on families of health care professionals. Method: Online survey was conducted to collect the demographic data from participants. Statistical analysis was conducted using R statistical package to determine Psychological impact of COVID-19 on the respondents. Results: The study included 324 respondents from different countries. Panic effect was the most strongly agreed (54.9%) and thus impacts more on the respondents. Depression was experience by 49.7% of the respondents’ while 44.4% experience anxiety. The least strongly agreed was suicidal effect (13.9%) and divorce (18.2%).Conclusion: Pandemics such as COVID-19 has psychological impact on families of health care professionals’ pandemics cannot lead to divorce easily but can lead to panic, anxiety and depression.

Keywords: COVID-19, Depression, Divorce, Psychological, Virus, outbreak, pandemic, panic

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