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Relationship between Iranian Traditional Houses Architecture and an Apartment with Attachment Pattern in Children 7-21 Years Old (Published)

The dramatic expansion of intercultural psychology movement between researchers in the West in recent decades has attracted the attention of psychologists to the extent that they have reviewed the cultural foundations in fundamental way. Architecture is one of the most applicable and important cultural products of any society. Structural features of Iranian traditional architecture are based on the unity-oriented vision and it can develop the continuity and safety senses in the residents and makes the mind ready to understand the unity and attachment and create the integrity in the individual. This study has been conducted with the aim to investigate the relationship between traditional Iranian architecture indicators (courtyard, pool, garden, porch, orientation of light) on the pattern of attachment style compared to apartment houses in children 21-7 years old in the city of Yazd. Mothers of one hundred children in the children living in traditional houses and one hundred children living in apartment houses were selected in dual education regions of Yazd and responded to the attachment style questionnaire of Kinship Center Attachment Questionnaire and demographic questionnaire with selective characteristics of architecture. The statistical results showed that there is a significant relationship between attachment and architecture style and the traditional home living children have more secure attachment. Research lateral findings also showed higher scores of attachment in children living in homes with a pool of water. These findings indicate a possibility of influence of selective characteristics of traditional Iranian architecture on the maintaining formation the secure attachment in children.

Keywords: Architecture Psychology, Attachment Style, Traditional Iranian Architecture

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