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When it begins and what are the first erotic behaviors? (Published)

The purpose of this research was to analyze the ages of the first erotic behaviors of a sample of people living in the city of Campeche, Mexico; It was an ex post-facto investigation with a correlational scope and a quantitative approach. The sample was non-probabilistic of 512 people to whom an adhoc questionnaire was applied in order to know the age of some of their first sex / erotic experiences. After analyzing the results, it was identified that the strongest correlations (p <0.010) were found between the age at which oral sex was given to another person for the first time and the age at which it was experienced to be masturbated by another person. No significant correlations were found between the number of sexual partners and the time of relationship with the current partner, nor between the number of sexual partners and the ages of initiation of erotic-sexual behaviors. Intercourse is associated with the initiation of other sexual behaviors without reproductive purposes.

Keywords: Adolescence, Sexual debut, age of sexual initiation, erotic behaviors

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