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A Study of Branding Strategy Influencing Brand Equity for Youth in the Pakistan’s Domestic New Luxury Apparel Industry (Published)

This paper aims to explore the key branding strategies influencing the young customers of Pakistan to buy a new domestic new luxury apparel brand and results in strong brand equity. Further, the current study also provides an in depth understanding between the old and new luxury branding. This study has employed quantitative research analysis with the help of a deductive approach. For collecting quantitative data, Likert Scale Based questionnaire were distributed among 125 young customers who had experience of buying domestic new luxury apparel brand in Pakistan. The results of this study depict that branding strategies like store image, brand elements, influencers and web advertising have positive effects on brand equity as it influences young consumer to buy a domestic new luxury apparel in Pakistan. The study is limited to young consumers of Karachi, Pakistan. Marketers have adopted different strategies for attracting the customers towards their products and to develop strong brand equity. With the emergence of new luxury, brands are experimenting various strategies to attract young consumers. In Pakistan, few studies have investigated traditional luxury however, no studies were conducted in terms of new luxury. This study has revealed four branding strategies influencing young consumers in Pakistan to buy a domestic new luxury apparel and also building strong brand equity for apparel brands.

Keywords: Brand Equity, Branding, Youth, apparel, brand elements, influencers, luxury, new luxury, store image, web advertising

Digital Food Marketing: What We Know, What We Should Know (Published)

Today’s adolescents are growing up at the center of an exploding digital media culture and are primary targets for digital food marketing. A combination of factors has made them particularly valuable to interactive marketers, including their role as ‘‘early adopters’’ of new media practices and their steadily rising spending power. A trend has been observed towards increasing investment in food marketing on new media such as the Internet, social media and video games. The aim is to engage youth in emotional, entertaining experiences and to encourage them to share these experiences with their environments.  There is unequivocal evidence that marketing of unhealthy food influences youth health. Therefore, there is a need: 1) to address the growing health threat facing youth in the digital marketplace, 2) to design new smart technologies to support credible nutrition communication and e-health.  A formative exploratory study in Lebanon, based on social marketing approach, showed that food marketing and nutrition communication influence the knowledge, food preferences and dietary patterns of youth. Comprehensive nutrition communication on multiple media increases the power of persuasive messages that encourage healthy lifestyles. Research on digital food marketing impact on health remains underdeveloped and should be of concern to policy makers.

Keywords: E-Health, Food Marketing, Media, Nutrition Communication, Youth

The Buying Pattern of Energy Drink and its Use among the Young Generation of Saudi Arabia (Published)

Energy drink intake has to turn into a favorite exercise around the world, in particular among the younger generation. In Saudi Arabia, there are significant limitations in energy drinks – in abstract, tastes, advertising, the attention of sponsorship, are not permitted,” however, it is not limited to the use of social media. The core purpose of this study is to investigate the consumption patterns of energy drinks among young people in Saudi Arabia even after partial restrictions on the promotion of energy drinks. This method of the research was used an exploratory approach in nature with the data collection through survey method (Maxim, 1999) were gathered from the respondents. A self-administered structured questionnaire was developed using survey monkey online services.  After getting the responses, the data were edited, tabulated and analyzed using descriptive statistics (Frequency distribution) through the excel sheet and the result was explained accordingly. The result reveals that there is a trend of widespread use of energy drinks among young people, especially students in the age group 23-27 (72.10%). It also indicates that there is a high level of social acceptance of energy drink consumption in the region. The respondents showed a tendency towards buying decisions of it, but between the choice of brands, a certain degree of loyalty was shown. There is a call of some awareness program to increase the knowledge among the youth about the consumption of energy drinks and their effects on health.

Keywords: : Energy Drinks, Buying Pattern, Consumer Behavior, Power Drink, Saudi Arabia, Youth

The Influence of Counselling, Training and Consultancy on Venture Start-Ups by Women and Youth in Baringo County, Kenya (Published)

Enterprise development interventions are critical to the development of an entrepreneurship society. The support interventions are critical to new venture starts-ups among the vulnerable members of society. This paper examines the influence of counselling, training and consultancy enterprise development interventions facilitate new venture start-ups among women and youth. The paper is based on a study of new venture start-ups among women and youth in Baringo County. The study adopted a survey design. The target population of the study was 1049 respondents from which a sample of 281 was randomly selected. Questionnaire and data sheet were used as the data collection instruments. The collected data was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of the study showed that most of the entrepreneurs in Baringo County are influenced by group members to engage in new business ventures. Other motivators include personal imitative, family members and access to entrepreneurship training. Unfortunately, most of the youth and women entrepreneurs have never received any business management training in basic accounting, book keeping and entrepreneurship skills. This can be attributed to the fact that, as attested to by most of the respondents, most of the training available is not for free or subsidized. Therefore, most of these budding entrepreneurs may not afford to take part in training. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs admitted that there they needed training to enhance their capacity to successfully run their enterprises. The regression model indicated that there is a significant relationship between consultancy, training and counselling and new venture start-ups (p=0.022). The study concluded that support is generally available and relatively easy for farmer-owned commodity processing businesses to obtain. The study recommended that the county government of Baringo should support entrepreneurs by creating a favourable business environment for their operations.

Keywords: Baringo County, Consultancy, Counselling, Training, Venture Start-ups, Women, Youth

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