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E-Marketing Skills Required by Start-up Operators for Effective Management of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (Published)

The study ascertained the “E-Marketing Skills Required by Start-up Operators for Effective Management of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises” in Ebonyi State. One research question guided the study with one null hypothesis tested at 0.05 level of significance.  A sample of 261 was selected from the population of 745 Start-up operators of small and medium scale enterprises using Yaro Yamane formula. Data was collected using 15 items structured questionnaire of four points scale. The instrument was validated by three experts from Ebonyi State University. The reliability index of the instrument was 0.80. Data collected from the research question was analyzed using mean and standard deviation while t-test statistics tested the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. Findings from this study revealed that e-marketing skills are highly required by start-up operators for effective management of small and medium scale enterprises in Ebonyi State and that gender influenced the views of the respondents. Based on the findings of the study it was concluded that e-marketing skills are highly required for effective management of small and medium scale enterprises to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over other fierce rivalries in the market space. It is therefore recommended among others that training of SMEs managers on e-marketing skills for adequate utilization of the skills in business management be treated as critical strategy to close the gap between traditional marketing and digital marketing system.

Keywords: E- Marketing, SME, Skills, effective management, start-up operators

The Measurement of SMEs Perception and Awareness in Banten Province, Indonesia (Published)

The research aims to study about the awareness and perceptions of the SMEs palm sugar in Lebak district, Banten Province-Indonesia on Fintech model such as Peer-to-Peer lending and crowd funding in developing their business. The researchers designed as many as 17 questions to conduct a survey related to the research variable. Descriptive analysis is applied by using Microsoft Office Excel data processing. Frequency distribution and central size are used for data analysis. The results show that awareness level of the most respondents is still insufficient on Peer-to-Peer lending and crowd funding as alternative financing instruments. The majority of them have a positive perception of FinTech development. It can be concluded that the level of awareness of most respondents is still very limited, especially on P2P loans, Crowdfunding and other FinTech services provided by non-bank financial institutions. They need to increase awareness level of palm sugar SMEs by related parties such as the government.

Keywords: Fintech, Perception, SME, awareness, sugar palm

Export Stimuli Perceived By the Managers of Industrial Companies: The Case of the Tunisian SME (Published)

The perception of export stimuli is particularly important and was identified by several studies as essential factor of the export success of the SME. An exploratory survey with Tunisian exporters SME allowed to identify which stimuli exports are perceived by the managers.

Keywords: Export Stimuli, Managers, SME, Tunisia

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