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Emotional Bonding and Diner’s Loyalty to Restaurants in Umuahia, Abia State (Published)

The study focused on emotional bonding affect diner’s loyalty among restaurants in Umuahia, Abia State. The specific objectives of the study are; to examine the influence of quality, price, response time, accessibility and trust on diner’s loyalty among restaurant in Umuahia metropolis, Abia state. To achieve the objectives of the study, survey research design was adopted. Convenient sampling was used to select 196 diner’s from the selected restaurants in Umuahia metropolis. The data collection involves primary data through the use of structured questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using frequencies, percentages and mean and standard deviation while the hypotheses were tested using multiple regression analysis. The findings revealed that quality, price, response time, accessibility and trust have a significant influence on diner’s loyalty among restaurants in Umuahia, Abia State. Therefore, the study concludes that emotional bonding plays a significant role in enhancing diner’s loyalty in restaurant business. Based on the findings, the study recommends that restaurant managers to become aware of the strategic role of quality and to set up expansions and improvement plans aiming at attracting consumers’ satisfaction. It is also important to know how to better manage relationship marketing by using technological tools like customer relationship management (CRM). Consumers are certainly attached to products and they become loyal. Also, it is recommended that products be offered at reasonable prices, good quality and attractive packaging, thereby providing a pleasant experience for consumers. Additionally, product managers need to pay special attention to generating persuasive content on social media in particular. It is important to make sure that the content of ads is in line with the long-term goals and strategies of the business.

Keywords: Price, Product, Satisfaction, emotional bonding, responds time, trust and diner's loyalty and restaurants

Empirical Linkage: Visual Branding and Customer Loyalty (Published)

Before any product is ever produced or sold, it must first be branded. Every idea, from initial sketches to patented logos, supports a branding strategy, or the decisions a production team has made about what will drive a consumer to choose their brand over that of their competitors. Survey was used for the study. A sample size of 50 which consist of 20 graphic designers and 30 customers were used for the study. Simple random sampling technique was used to select both graphic designers and customers of Techno phones. A structured questionnaire, with a five-point Likert scale, was fielded to gather the data. Data was analyzed using structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) with SmartPLS 3.0 while Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to determine whether visual branding can influence customer loyalty. The study revealed that visual branding has a significant correlation with customer loyalty.

Keywords: Customer loyalty, Graphic Designer, Product, visual branding

Perception Analysis and Consumer Behaviour on Purchasing Shell Helix Lubricate Oil Product by Pt. Tira Wira Usaha (Published)

At present most companies not only produce products and sell them,  but switch to consumers to meet their needs and wants. Environmental factors, technological developments and corporate competition will affect the value and consumer satisfaction towards the products offered. Marketing is a social and managerial process whereby individuals and groups get their needs and wants by creating, offering and exchanging something of value to each other. Products are things that can be offered to the market to be noticed, obtained, used or consumed that can meet the wants or needs of consumers.Consumer’s age of Shell Helix lubricants varies in meaning that can be used by all ages and the most user of Shell Helix lubricants are aged 26 – 30 years. Consumer perceptions towards product attributes on consumer behaviour towards Shell Helix lubricant oil purchasing turns out  to have a  significant effect.

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Perception, Product, Purchasing, Respondent

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