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Online Marketing and Consumer Purchase Behaviour: A Study of Nigerian Firms (Published)

Businesses are spending more on and partaking in online marketing than ever before, the world over. Understanding the consumer behavioural factors that influence e-marketing effectiveness is crucial. While some researchers have addressed this issue, few studies draw their conclusions focusing on the customers’ angle. More also is the fact that the study of the developing countries in this regards have been lesser than expected. The work seeks to validate empirically, while analyzing Nigeria firm engaging in internet marketing, the impact of the same on consumers’ purchase behaviour. We seek to understand to what extent the functionality of the infrastructure of the internet and the internet security issues impact consumers’ decision to eventually purchase. The survey research used a structured questionnaire to elicit data from selected firms in Lagos State, Nigeria. A reliable Cronbach’s Alpha was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. The data was analyzed using simple regression while the hypotheses drawn were tested. The findings show that online marketing has impacted consumer purchase decisions in Nigeria firms. There is a significant relationship between consumer purchase decisions and infrastructure of the internet in Nigeria. There also exists relationship between internet security and consumer purchase behaviour. These simply imply that one variable influences the other

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Online Marketing

Online Marketing Through Consumers: A Study Of Effectiveness Of Various Tools And Techniques Across Industries (Published)

This research is conducted to see how the consumers’ brand perception and purchasing decisions are influenced by different online marketing tools used across the industries such as Word of Mouth (WOM), online Chat assistance and Email advertising. Its purpose was so study the relationship between the different online marketing tools and techniques, WOM, Online chat and Email and their effects on the brand perception and consumer purchasing decision. There are a lot of other influencing factors included in a decision making of a consumer for purchasing and developing a perception about a particular brand but the most important factors that play a defining role in changing the consumer brand perception and purchasing decision is WOM and the dependency exists on these three variables. Our results show that the residents of Karachi who are active on internet prefer WOM over the other two variables which are online chat and email advertising. Different companies avail the online marketing strategy of WOM service in order to attract the potential customers and influence their purchasing decision and brand perception. There are no generalized factors that affect the consumer decision of purchasing and developing a brand perception in Karachi. WOM is being done by the consumers and it’s one of the cheapest medium of online marketing which is being availed by many companies and proved to be effective.

Keywords: Online Marketing, Referral Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Word of Mouth

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