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Assessment of the Internet as Tool for Tourism Marketing in Nigeria (Published)

The study was an assessment of the internet as a tool for tourism marketing in Cross River State. The study sought to determine the significant relationship between website and tourism product awareness; and also evaluate the extent social media marketing affect the level of patronage of tourism products in Cross River State. The area of study was Cross River State, while the study frame were tourism stakeholders, tourism managers/staff and both local and international tourists found in the twelve (12) tourism destinations selected for this study. The sample size of the study was 120 and primary data were obtained using a structured questionnaire. The instrument was content-validated, while the Cronbach Alpha coefficient was used to confirm the reliability. Data analysis was done electronically by the use of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 21. Among the findings were that the website marketing did not have any significant relationship on the level of awareness of tourism products in Cross River State. Also, social media marketing did not significantly affect the level of patronage of tourism products in Cross River State. It is then recommended that the website and other internet tools should be efficiently handled preferably by experts to generate and maintain interest and level of patronage of Cross River State’s tourism products.

Keywords: Internet Marketing, Patronage, Social Media Marketing, Tourism Marketing., Tourism Product Awareness, Website Marketing

Evaluation of the Impact of Internet Marketing On Banking Services in Nigeria (Published)

This study examines the impact of internet marketing on banking services in Nigeria. The main objective is to investigate how the adoption of internet marketing enhances banking services in Nigeria. The study is a survey approach with sample of 180 respondents (employees & customers) drawn from four generation banks in the country, representing 65 percent of the total population (280). The data was analyzed using Descriptive Statistics and Chi-square to test the formulated hypotheses which revealed that the adoption of internet marketing has significantly enhanced customers’ banking services in Nigeria, particularly in the areas of improved patronage, on-time (effective) service delivery and reduced marketing costs. The study also found that internet marketing has created exciting new and cheaper ways to learn about and track customers, create products and services tailored to meet customer needs, distribute products more efficiently and communicate with potential customers effectively. Some recommendations were made; among the major recommendations is the need for all the barriers to effective internet marketing adoption such as poor connectivity, inadequate computers and ICT infrastructure, as well as cyber-crimes which constituted serious bottleneck to the overall success of banking operations in Nigeria should be addressed by managers and all stakeholders in the banking sector.

Keywords: Banking Services, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Internet Marketing, Nigeria, e-Banking


The purpose of this study was to identify elements of the e-image model that influence Ghanaians to patronise products or services online or that make them yield to online marketing information. In this study, a standard questionnaire was used to collect data from 250 internet market (i.e. e-market) users in Ghana. Principal Component Analysis was used to analyse data. Five components were found to constitute all the elements of the e-image model in a Ghanaian context. The five components retrieved composed of all factors in the e-image model, with a variance of 95% explained. The experience component was merged to the feedback and reputation component, which explained the highest variance of 38.6%. Information content, website characteristics, security and others are the other components in the e-image model that were confirmed in a Ghanaian context without any change

Keywords: E-Business, E-Image, E-Market Users, E-Markets, Internet Marketing, Marketing

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