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Celebrity endorsement

Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumers Buying Behavior (Published)

This research is conducted on “impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer’s buying behavior”; this behavior judges the purchase intention of consumers in the field of cosmetics, this research only focuses on the buying intention of the female segment. Celebrity endorsement is made up of four main pillars that are credibility, attractiveness, product matchup and lastly meaning transfer. All these four elements combine to make up celebrity endorsement. The findings of this research report shows that the element of credibility (which is composed of expertise and trustworthiness) of the celebrity positively affects consumers intention to purchase cosmetics. Celebrities also transfer meanings to the product that positively influences consumer’s intention to buy cosmetics. This meaning transferred indicates that consumers start accepting that celebrity endorsed cosmetics makes them feel classy and glamorous and also perceive such cosmetics as a symbol of status. This research also shows that people get more attracted towards celebrity endorsed advertisements than the ones that doesn’t have celebrities into them which ultimately leads them to recall the products (cosmetics) much easier because celebrities appeared into those advertisements.

Keywords: Buying Behavior, Celebrity endorsement, Consumers, Purchase Intention

Factors Influencing Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising (Published)

Celebrity endorsement is a widely used tactic in marketing and a useful way of pushing a product in crowded markets, much research has been done on the selection and effect of celebrity endorsement. This study identifies key factors that determine the effectiveness of the celebrity endorsements in advertisements. The study adopts a quantitative approach, with a structured questionnaire as the main tool. A survey of 245 samples was conducted and results indicated that all the observed factors influences greatly on the effectiveness of the celebrity endorsements except one and that is attractiveness. These factors are popularity, knowledge and skills, credibility, celebrity-brand match up and loyalty of the celebrity. Also, this study found out that the price is the major consideration in consumer buying decisions. Marketers should devise the advertising strategies that address all the observed factors. The study concludes with the agenda for future research.

Keywords: Advertising Strategies, Celebrity endorsement, Future Agenda., Quantitative approach

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