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Evaluation of GHG Emissions on Climate of the Braced States in the Niger Delta


This study evaluates greenhouse gas emissions on the climate in the BRACED States of the Niger Delta. The emission of greenhouse gases leads to deforestation, reduced vegetation, and a decline in biodiversity. To achieve the study, an ex post facto research design was used. The study utilised field measurements and historical data to assess these factors. Data were collected and monitored from twelve distinct locations between September 2022 and February 2023. The findings indicate that Akwa Ibom had the lowest concentrations of greenhouse gas and climate variables. The concentrations of greenhouse gases and climate variables were found to be lowest in Akwa Ibom and Rivers States. Similarly, Rivers, Cross Rivers, and Edo States exhibited comparatively lower quantities of carbon dioxide emissions and low rainfall. The study’s findings observed a strong correlation between climate (temperature and rainfall) and greenhouse gas emissions in the BRACED states. Statistical analysis at the P<0.05 level of significance indicates that greenhouse gas emissions account for around 32.5% of the observed variations. This analysis offers a method for determining the climate impact of GHG emissions. It is recommended that law on gas flaring activities should be brought to actions.

Keywords: GHG, Rainfall, Temperature, emissions, environmental externality

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