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Impact of Residential Land Use Change on Intra Urban Road Network of Akure, Nigeria (Published)

Citation: Gbenga Enisan and Lukman Agbaje (2022) Impact of Residential Land Use Change on Intra Urban Road Network of Akure, Nigeria, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.3, pp., 1-15,

Abstract: The utilization of different land uses in different locations generates the demand for transport, where system and supply of transport enable the distribution of different land uses in different locations. Therefore, one can simply argue that urban and spatial planners, transport planners, highway engineers, public transport and logistics operators, retailers and developers should all come together to create new strategies and policies on the logic of land use management, transport geography, accessibility, and implied division of labors.  This study investigated the impact of residential land use change on intra urban road network of Akure, a medium size city with moderate population in southwestern Nigeria. Four major intra urban roads in the city center were considered in this research and a total of 150 houses and residents within 200m distance from the roads which amounted to 5% of the buildings within the study area were sampled. Information, relating to road network, condition of road, level of land use conversion among others, was gotten with Geographic Information System (GIS), questionnaire, personal observation and interview. It was found out that, most residential land use along intra urban roads in the city center had been converted to commercial land use either totally or partially. The study affirmed that, residential land use change has both physical and socio economic impacts on road network development and the environment. It was therefore recommended that, proper land use planning, establishment of a commercial center to cater for the city’s commercial needs and the preparation and implementation of a transportation master plan will reduce the problems observed. This will ensure adequate intra urban road management as well as sustainable urban development in Nigeria.

Keywords: Residential, intra urban mobility, land use change, road network

The Contributions of Urban Infrastructure to Residential Real Estate Investment Value in Awka, Anambra State (Published)

The study analyzed the contributions of urban infrastructure to residential real estate investment value in Awka. The problem was deficit of information on the impact of urban infrastructure to residential property investment value which affects the planner, investor or real estate developer in taking decisions. The study area Awka was divided into four (4) residential zones namely the core, transitional zone, peripheral zone and public housing estates. Six (6) infrastructures were identified as peculiar to residential properties in Awka. They include: electricity, water, drainage channel, refuse disposal facility, access road and security facility. Tenants of residential properties and estate surveyors practicing in Awka made up the population of the study. Sampling technique adopted was stratified random sampling while the instrument for data collection was questionnaire.  A total number of two hundred and fifty-six (256) questionnaires were used for the analysis. The study employed multiple regression model to determine the influence of infrastructure on rental values of residential properties in Awka while correlation co-efficient was used to determine the relationship between available infrastructures and rental values. It was found that annual rent increases when there is an increase in electricity supply, water supply and improvement on access roads. The study recommended that government should create an enabling environment for private sector participation in the development, management and improvement of infrastructure through policy formulation and establishment of a coordinating agency that will be involved in planning, development and maintenance of urban infrastructure in order to reduce existing deficiencies that affect residential real estate investment

Keywords: Residential, Urban infrastructure, Value, real estate investment

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