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Estimation of the Dietary Intakes of Heavy Metals by Children, Adolescents, Adults and Seniors Consuming Chicken Meats within Awka and Enugu Metropolis and Its Environs. (Published)

This study was carried out to estimate the dietary intakes of heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, V and Cu) by the inhabitants consuming chicken meats within Awka and Enugu metropolis and its environs. The concentration of the heavy metals were determined in the chicken samples collected from major farms and markets within Awka and Enugu metropolis and its environs. The kidney, liver, gizzard and muscle of chicken samples were analyzed for heavy metal concentrations using flame atomic absorption spectrometer. Heavy metal intakes on daily and weekly basis were determined for the five population groups; children, adolescents, male and female adults and seniors using food frequency questionnaire approach administered to six hundred (600) respondents in the population. The data obtained from the FFQ was subjected to Monte Carlo simulation analysis and mathematical evaluations. The analysis showed that the range of the total mean dietary intake of the heavy metals in mg/kg body weight/wk increased in the following order; seniors, (0.98 – 5.18) > male adults, (0.96 – 5.02) > adolescents, (0.96 – 4.75) > female adults, (0.81 – 4.05) > children, (0.50 – 3.06) The weekly intakes of heavy metals by the five population groups were compared with the established provisional tolerable weekly intakes set for these metals. The total mean dietary intakes of seven of the eight heavy metals estimated were below the established PTW1. On the other hand, the mean dietary intake of mercury by the five population groups consuming chicken liver and kidney exceeded the PTW1 by between 130 to 175.63%.

Keywords: Heavy Metals, PTW1, chicken meats, dietary intake

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