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Generation and Management of Clinical Waste in Healthcare Facilities in the Yilo and Manya Krobo Municipalities in Ghana (Published)

This study sought to examine reasons for why the health care facilities in the Yilo and Manya Krobo Municipalities in the Eastern Region of Ghana are unable to properly manage clinical waste they generate. The instruments employed to gather the data were questionnaires and interviews. As a result, all the 150 respondents who were involved in this study were made to respond to the questionnaire based on the research questions while 20 of them responded to an interview schedule. The respondents comprised of facility administrators, head of department/unit each from the Pharmacies, Laboratory, and Mortuary, Clinical waste workers, and Laundry and X-ray. Respondents for the study were made to respond to a designed questionnaire. The found less documentation and records keeping on the quantity, type and composition of clinical waste seen as the common reasons why the selected health care facilities could not properly manage the clinical waste generated.  

Keywords: : Generation, Collection., Disposal, Treatment., clinical waste

Assessment of Solid Waste Disposal System in Jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria (Published)

Solid wastes are generally generated through domestic, commercial and industrial activities, among others. For proper environmental sanitation and good health of the people, solid wastes need to be disposed properly. The aim of the paper is to assess solid wastes disposal in Jimeta. Data for the study were generated from both the primary and Secondary Sources using the questionnaire administration. For detailed field data gathering, 270 samples were selected form 7 ward of the Local Government Area. The paper has identified several methods of solid wastes disposal of which the open dumping method predominates, followed by the open container method of waste disposal. The waste was often disposed of either on the frequency of once per day, forthrightly or once per week. However, majority of the people believe that the current methods of solid waste disposal are not satisfactory it is therefore concluded that public enlightenment should be carried out to change the attitude of the public towards maintaining good sanitary conditions through proper disposal of solid wastes in addition to the introduction of solid wastes recycling.

Keywords: Disposal, Facility, Sanitary, Solid Waste

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