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Benefits and Drivers of Green Building Projects Implementation in Nigeria (Published)

This study examined the benefits and drivers of implementing green building projects in Nigerian. Data was obtained through the distribution of questionnaire to professionals among the selected construction companies. Descriptive statistics and RII were utilized for the data analysis. Findings from the study revealed a high awareness of GB benefits and drivers among various construction participants in the industry. Among the environmental, economic, and social benefits revealed in this study include: reduced greenhouse gas emission, reduced energy consumption, low operating cost, high property value, knowledge transfers and community improvement, etc. Therefore, the study concluded that the most effect approach to holistic adoption of this panacea of global imbalance and degradation is the involvement of government in promoting the campaign on GB while considering promulgating policies and financial motivations.

Keywords: Construction industry, Green Building, Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Evaluation of Current Quality Assessment Methods and Approaches by Building Contractors in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

Contractors need to pay close attention to the quality of materials used for construction as well as the level of skills of individuals engaging in the building process. Greedy investors are taking advantage of the fact that there are no strict and standardized procedures to monitor and control the construction of new houses or the renovation of existing ones, the need to check the existing quality assessment methods and Approaches Utilised by Building Contractors comes highly. The aim of this study to evaluate current quality assessment methods and approaches by building contractors in Lagos state, Nigeria,. In order to realize this aim, the study examined the various methods like statistical method, visual method,feedback method, use of record and automated method. The study employed a descriptive case study design where data was collected from senior managers, project managers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, and technical managers working with building construction companies in the Lagos Metropolitan Area using the mixed method approach. Quantitative data was collected using questionnaire from 109 randomly selected participants and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Qualitative data was collected through interviews with 9 purposively selected respondents and analysed using the thematic analysis technique. The study identified the earlier mention four(4) current quality Assessment Methods and Approaches Utilised by Building Contractors in Lagos State. The findings identified observation/ physical inspections were the most widely applied method of quality assessment while other method is review of records, Feedback and Sampling. The study concludes that developing a model for guiding the process of assessing quality among Lagos and Nigerian contractors. The model helps to standardize the processes of assessing quality within the Lagos construction industry.

Keywords: Construction industry, contractor, quality assessment methods, quality attributes

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