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Future Digital Touch-Based Curricula: Touch Screen-Based Interaction and Its Educational Impact on Developing EFL Learners’ Linguistic Competence (Published)

Mobile aided language learning and have replaced the traditional teaching and learning and began to become a unique tool that give students a chance to take place in the educational process.  This paper tries to show the impacts of Ipod touch-Based screen interaction on developing learners’ linguistic competence. 48 undergraduate students were randomly selected from at Al-alBayt University in the summer semester during the academic year 2014-2015. Those students were divided into control and experimental groups. The grammar test showed that two groups were identical in terms of their linguistic aspects at the entry level before starting the experiment. While both groups had the same instructor, material, and conditions during 24 lectures. The difference was in the teaching way when the experimental group received the materials by using touch-based screen. The performance of the experimental group on grammar test held at the end of the course showed that the mean score of this group was significantly higher than the control group. Hence, the students’ linguistic performance based on touch screen was increased and interest of learning via Ipod among the learners have a deep impact on the students’ learning.

Keywords: EFL Learners’, Linguistic aspects of language, Touch screen

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