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Impact of Social Media Technology in The Development of Igbo Langauge Among University Students: A Study of Imo State University Students (Published)

The paper studied the potential of using social media in the teaching and learning of Igbo language among linguistics students of Imo State University, Owerri. Igbo language is native to Igbo race of Nigeria. Descriptive method, involving questionnaires, were distributed to 140 Igbo linguistics students in the university. Data collected were analysed using SPSS package into percentages and means scores. Results showed students are aware of the existence of social media. Students strongly agreed that social media can be used in the teaching and learning Igbo. But factors, such as cost and poor internet connectivity, unavailability of Igbo modules, and lack of computer sets with Igbo vowels are limiting factors. Therefore, the university can provide free internet services for students. Igbo Modules can be prepared uploaded to the internet. Computer sets and keyboards with Igbo vowels can be manufactured.

Keywords: Igbo, Language, Social media, learning. mother tongue


Every human society is characterized by the existence of diverse linguistic varieties. These speakers of these varieties at some points have various degrees of contact with the non-speakers of their variety, which one of the outcome of the linguistic contact is code switching. The work discusses the nature of code switching in Igbo- English bilinguals speeches. It provides a detailed explanation of the concept of code switching, and explains the typology of code switching and its manifestation in Igbo- English bilingual speakers’ speeches. The findings reveal that code switching is functionally motivated and can be triggered by various conversational contexts.

Keywords: Bilinguals, Code Switching, Code-Mixing, Igbo

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