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An Analysis of the Illocutionary Act in Indonesia’s Meme Comics at Social Media and Its Advantages as Reading Materials For Senior High School (Published)

This study aims to describe the functions of the expressive illocutionary act found in the discourse of Indonesia’s meme comic; The use of illocutionary act in the discourse of Indonesia’s meme comics; And the advantages of Indonesia’s meme comic as a reading materials for students. The design of this research is qualitative research with descriptive and hermeneutical method. The data of this research are from the websites of Indonesia’s Meme Comics that is on The population of this research data is MCI discourses that were uploaded from 1 January 2017-28 February 2017 on as many as 306 memes. The sample is set at 20% of the total populations, which is 61 memes. The data collection technique used in this study is the technique of documentation and record-keeping techniques. The analyzing or processing of this research data is using qualitative analysis technique. The result of the research is that there are eight functions of expressive illocutionary act; they are the utterances of flattering, criticizing, blaming, complaining, and thanking. There are five utterance strategies in the meme discourse: speaking truth with bald on record, speaking truth with positive politeness, speaking truth with negative politeness, speaking vaguely, and speaking in the heart or silence. Some advantages of the memes discourse as the students’ reading materials are: it can be used as reading material for the materials of writing creativity, such as poster material, slogan, and anecdotal text. The positive values found in the meme discourse are it can increase the students’ interest in reading and encourage the students to think critically as well as the students can inspire and enhance the writing creativity.

Keywords: Expressive, Illocutionary, Meme Comic, Speech Acts.

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