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The Degree of Using Instructional Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Delta State, Nigeria


This work aimed to study the accessibility and use of educational technology for teaching mathematics in senior secondary schools in Delta State. Descriptive survey design was used in the work. 60 mathematics teachers in 30 secondary schools were the sample of the work; simple random technique was used to select them from the overall population of 75 secondary schools in Delta State. Two teachers’ questionnaire titled use and preventing factors mathematics questionnaire (r =0.77) were utilized to collect data. Simple percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the data. The findings showed that there were laboratory equipment and audio educational technology but were not fully used; there were no audio visual technologies and were not used to teach mathematics. Also, lack of money, poor application law, demotivation etc prevented the delivery and use of educational materials for mathematics teaching. The study gave the recommendation that Mathematics teachers should use the educational technology that is available and government should provide enough money to procure educational technology.

Citation: Oliweh I.S., James, G.D. & Enebeli L. (2022) The Degree of Using Instructional Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Delta State, Nigeria, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 15, 27-36

Keywords: Achievement, Learning, Teaching, Technology, Utilization

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