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The Role of Students’ Activities in Enhancing Social Responsibility among Jordanian Universities Students (From the Point of View of Al Al-Bayt University Students)


This study aimed at identifying the role  of students’ activities in enhancing social responsibility among Jordanian universities students (from the point of view of Al al-Bayt university students). Some students activities, such as social, cultural, sports and artistic activities were chosen to determine this role.  The descriptive analytical method, through the collection of data on the variables of the study was used; primary data were collected using questionnaires which consisted of two sections: The first included demographic data related to Al al-Bayt University students. The second included two sections: First section on student activities at Al al-Bayt University which was divided into four sub-sections included (28) paragraphs, and the second on enhancing student social responsibility included (12) paragraphs. The study population consisted of all students involved in the different university activities at different academic levels and specialization fields at Al al-Bayt University, during the academic year 2018/2019, and the study sample was of (432) which represented 16% of the study population. The study and analysis of the results show that there is a statistically significant relationship between the study variables and the enhancement of social responsibility, in which sports came in the first rank and had the most influential among all other variables, followed by social, cultural and artistic activities respectively. It has been shown that universities are fully aware of the importance of student activities in promoting students’ social responsibility and are trying their utmost to activate these activities significantly on the ground. The study recommended that, the need to increase the interest in students activities among university students by universities inside and outside the university premises to make the student interact with other people through the available activities and thus, enhance social responsibilities among the students.

Keywords: Al al-Bayt University, Jordan, Social Responsibility, Student activities

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