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Key Factors Influencing Academic Performance of International Students’ In UK Universities: A Preliminary Investigation (Published)

This study examines the extent to which international students from selected countries were satisfied with their academic performance. The study aims to give an insight into international students’ learning experience by exploring factors influencing students’ academic performance. The study adopted qualitative method. More specifically, semi- structured interview was adopted with a total of 10 participants. The findings suggest that International students studying in the United Kingdom encounter certain challenges which tend to constrain their academic performance. The most significant of these barriers include the foreign language, which particularly concerns inadequate acquaintance with the English language; adjustment barriers, such as such as motivation, application, performance and satisfaction with the academic environment, as well as making friends, being part of social activities or being able to work in groups; academic issues, such as prior academic preparation, adjustment to foreign teaching methodology and pressure from performance expectations and work load issues, student teacher relationship, study skills, plagiarism and group work; and Culture. The major contribution of this study is the framework for understanding the critical factors influencing academic performance of international students in the UK, which shows the order in which these factors interact to constrain learning and ultimately the academic performance of international students.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, International Students, UK Universities

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