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Preparing To Teach Music in the Primary School (Published)

Teaching is the primary duty of teachers. For effective teaching and learning of music in the primary school to take place, teachers are supposed to consider pre-teaching preparation. Some activities that should be considered and included in the preparation stage include the study of content of the syllabus, preparation of the lesson plan, and gathering and preparation of teaching and learning aids/materials. This paper considers pre-teaching preparation for effective teaching of music in the primary school.

Keywords: & lesson planning., Music, Primary School, Teaching, lesson preparation

Immediate Versus Delayed Feedback in Promoting Student Teachers Skills for Lesson Plan Implementation (Published)

The present study aimed to address the effect of immediate and delayed feedback via the use of Blackboard in promoting English language student teachers’ lesson plan implementation. A four-aspect performance observation card that is adopted by participants’ scientific department was used to assess respondents’ lesson implementation skills, namely lesson planning, lesson implementation, assessment of students’ achievement, and classroom management. The experimental approach was used and (50) student teachers majoring in English language who were enrolled in “Practicum” course participated in the present study. Participants were distributed randomly to two experimental groups of (25) students in each. Respondents in the first experimental group received immediate feedback after the submission of their weekly lesson plans while their peers in the second experimental group received delayed feedback after the submission of their weekly lesson plans. Findings indicated that delayed feedback was more effective in promoting respondents’ skills in lesson plan implementation except their skills in classroom management.

Keywords: & lesson planning., Blackboard system, Student Teachers, immediate and delayed feedback

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