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Promoting Equity in Education: Lessons from Ghanaian Education Policy Texts (Published)

This paper addresses the issue of equity in education by exploring how Ghanaian education policy texts foregrounds equity and address inequities. We used a critical pedagogy lens and equity theory to highlight how Ghanaian teacher education policy, national teacher standards and assessment policies promote equity and situates it at the centre of curriculum framework, classroom teaching and learning as well as assessment. From our analyses of policy texts, Ghanaian school classrooms are to be equitable and become places where students’ uniqueness is recognised, respected and supported. The pedagogic relations and student-student interactions are to promote equity. However, we highlight gaps in knowledge about equity literacy among teachers; how they understand equity in the classroom; how teachers actually promote equity in classroom and the challenges they face in so doing; as well as how learners experience equity in the classroom. Therefore, we argued that there the need for research into equity literacy among teachers, how they promote equity in the classroom and how students experience it. This necessitates research into how teachers promote equity at the school site in terms of teacher-student and student-student interactions.



Keywords: Assessment, Curriculum, Equity, Learning Practices, equity literacy, inequities

Introducing Teaching Literacy Course: Learning From B.Ed (Hons) Student Teachers Reflections (Published)

The study emphasis on to get reflection of students teachers on a such course which one is introduced first time in teacher training institutes where it makes able to student teachers to teach literacy, develop different skills through theories and practices of teaching to understated the need of subject, It gives many opportunities and makes powerful to leaner with the knowledge. The sample consisted of three institutions where the size of sample is 30 samples, in which 10 sample from each institutes. The results signify that student’s teachers felt in difficulty because of no resources, lengthy courses so it taught by theoretical then practices, faced problems in practicing schools and medium of language. On the base of findings recommendations and conclusion were made that need to concise the course contents and give facilities, resources to teach subjects and use the other language where students feel difficulties, and aware to practicing school teachers for worth of subject. This study also recommended that its defined on specific of area of Sindh have hope other will do a research broader level of Pakistan.

Keywords: Learning Practices, Literacy, Reflections, Student Teachers, Teaching

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