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Representation of Educational Elitism and Entrepreneurship Merit in Contemporary Africa: A Cultural Shift to Self-Fulfilment (Published)

This paper explores and acknowledges the recurring theme of education in African literature, which is often depicted as both a means to reclaim African identity and culture and a tool for social mobility and economic empowerment. Using the Interpretive Interactionism methodology, the study identifies a growing emphasis on the representation of entrepreneurship as a form of vocational training, experiential and work-based learning that can supplement or even replace traditional educational qualifications. This evolving perspective reflects cultural shifts to self-fulfilment, where entrepreneurship is seen as a viable path to success. This study contributes to our understanding of the multifaceted role of education in postcolonial francophone African literature. The findings highlight the complex nature of education in many African societies and its potential for positive transformation as well as challenges to traditional notions of elitism, empowerment, and self-fulfilment.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Interpretive Interactionism, cultural shifts, educational elitism, postcolonial francophone African literature, self-fulfilment

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