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Linkage and Advancement Services and Commercialization of Innovations of Tertiary Institutions in Bayelsa State (Published)

The study examined linkage and advancement services and commercialization of innovation of tertiary institutions in Bayelsa State. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The study was guided by three (3) research objectives and corresponding questions. The population of the study comprise all academic and non-academic staff across all ranks of the 7 tertiary institutions in the state. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents respectively. The data gathered was analyzed using mean and standard deviation via Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 26. The instrument was subjected to pilot testing. Experts in Measurement and Evaluation and the field of Education validated the instrument. The result of the pilot study was used to establish the reliability of the instruments via Cronbach Alpha Formula and a coefficient of 0.81 was obtained. The findings revealed the available linkage and advancement services, the extent to which they are utilised and the factors hindering linkage between industries and tertiary institutions in Bayelsa State.

Keywords: Commercialisation, Innovations, Linkages, Tertiary Institutions, advancement


Teacher Education Programme (TEP) is a critical component of education in the society. It determines the rate and level of development in any society. This is because the programme focuses on preparation and production of school teachers whose main role is to transform a society with relevant competencies for development. However, due to the dynamic nature of education and society, Teacher Education Programme experiences emerging issues in education. Today in Kenya, and indeed in the whole world, the concerns in education are access to education, quality in education and equity in education. These are current aspirations by all in education but somehow elusive to realise. However, when proper reforms and innovations in Teacher Education Programme are undertaken, it is possible to develop and manage these important developments in education. This paper explores and discusses how reforms and innovations in Teacher Education Programme in Kenya can facilitate the achievement of access, quality and equity in education.

Keywords: Access, Equity Emerging Issues., Facilitator, Innovations, Quality, Reforms, Teacher Education

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