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Formidable Basis

Accountability: A Formidable Basis for Achieving Sustainable Development in Nigeriran Secondary Schools (Published)

Sustainable development is a protective device that is future-oriented. Technically, the future is embedded in current activities and could be wasted where present activities are not appropriately planned, structured and controlled. In education, current efforts to build schools, train teachers and engage other related activities should be consummated without compromising future school development. Authorities whose decisions shape current school development must be made answerable, liable and responsible for their actions and inactions in order to instill order, restraint, and caution in the system. The paper therefore recommends accountability by administering transparency, probity, reputable appointment of personnel into positions of trust, supervision and inspection, tough audit, effective policy prioritization, punitive measures for offenders and other related internal control mechanisms to ensure sustainable development of schools in Nigeria.

Keywords: Accountability, Formidable Basis, Nigerian Secondary Schools., Sustainable Development

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