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Amusement Parks and Economic Development of Youths in Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State, Nigeria: Implication for Environmental Adult Education (Published)

This paper examined amusement park and economic development of youths in Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State, Nigeria: Implication for environmental adult education. To achieve the purpose of this study, one null hypothesis was formulated to direct the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. The sample of the study consisted of five hundred and forty-four (544) respondents drawn from the area of the study. The instruments for data collection were Tourism Activities Questionnaire (TAQ) and Economic Development Questionnaire (EDQ) developed by the researchers which were validated by three (3) experts in Measurement and Evaluation. The reliability was established through test-retest reliability. Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis was adopted to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the analysis revealed that there is a significant relationship between amusement park activities and economic development in the area. Based on the result of the findings, it was recommended that amusement parks such as ranch resort, Tinapa, Marina resort among others should be established, managed and maintained to encourage tourism activities in this regard.

Keywords: Amusement park, Economic Development, Youths

Stakeholders’ Perception of Contribution of Graduates of Women Centre for Continue Education to Economic and Political Development in Northwest Nigeria (Published)

The paper examined the stakeholders’ perception of contribution of graduates of women centre for continue education economic and political development in northwest Nigeria. These stakeholders in education design on the outcome of schooling and the purposes of learning. The population of this study consisted of all the stakeholders in education that comprised the students, graduates, teachers, school administrators, Ministry personnel, Quality Assurances officers in the North-west zone of Nigeria. The population total was 1970 out of this numbers, 1261 respondents were proportionately selected for the study. Four states were selected out of the seven North-western states using purposive sampling technique. 2 research questions were raised for the study and three (3) hypotheses were formulated descriptive  statistics was used to answer  the  research questions .While, chi-square statistical analysis was used to  answer the formulated hypotheses.. The study concludes that there is significant association between stakeholders’ perception of graduates’ contribution to economic and political development in Northwest Nigeria. It was recommended that Stakeholders should therefore advance measures to encourage and motivate women to strive harder and continue the political and economic advancement in Northwest Nigeria.

Keywords: Economic Development, Political Development, Stakeholders, Women Center, graduates

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