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Brain-based learning theory.

Brain-based Learning and Second Language Learning Theories (Review Completed - Accepted)

Learning is one of the complicated behaviors of the human being. Advent of modern challenges and demands caused many approaches in terms of understanding the nature of learning and its process by which it is supposed to enhance human’s learning capacity and improve it. For first time, cognitive psychology seriously deals with how the human mind shapes and controls learning. Although it was great development on the way of understanding the nature of learning, cognitive psychologists were criticized by other approaches that this caused mush evolution in cognitivism. On the other hand by the rapid growth of technology our understanding of brain has increased, therefore we know its functions and structures even while working. Neuroscience and its implications to educational domain have been increasing time to time, as if they are about to joint together. Meanwhile, Brain-based researchers can confirm many learning theories that introduced during the educational great efforts of cognitive and non-cognitive approaches. This paper argues in favor of application of those approaches to second or foreign language classrooms utilizing as guarantee some of the main perception from brain-based learning theories

Keywords: Brain-based learning theory., Cognitive approach, Language classrooms, Language learning theory, Neuroscience

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