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Proposed Model for Management of Schools in Times of Insecurity in Nigeria (Published)

The aim of this project was to propose a model for the management of schools in times of insecurity. Quantitative research method was employed while using descriptive research design. A total of 139 school managers’ respondents which was ten percent of the target population were sample size. The instrument was subjected to content validity and inter-raters reliability was also employed. Data collected was analyzed using frequency counts; percentages, mean, standard deviation, bar chart and chi-square. The major findings revealed that education, religion and lack of facilities constituted the major insecurity in schools.  Tripartite model was discovered to be   an effective model school managers should employ for the management of insecurity in schools. Based on the findings, it was recommended that tripartite model should be employed for capacity building and training of school managers, teachers and government educational agencies for effective management of schools in Nigeria in times of insecurity

Keywords: Boko Haram, grassroots, internet of things, management styles, tripartite model

Effect of Boko Haram On School Attendance in Northern Nigeria (Published)

The study is aimed at assessing the effect of Boko Haram on school attendance in Northern Nigeria. Three hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. A questionnaire containing 20 items was designed by the researcher. This was validated by experts and tested for reliability using the test – re – test method and data analyzed using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient statistics. The instrument was administered to 126 schools randomly selected from schools in states with high rate of Boko Haram insurgency – Yobe, Bauchi and Borno states. The data collected was analysed using the t-test and Analysis of variance (ANOVA) statistics. It was revealed from the results that there is no significant difference in school attendance among male and female pupils / students. There is a significant difference in school attendance among rural and urban schools. There is also a significant difference in school attendance among primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in areas prone to Boko Haram attacks. Based on the findings, recommendations were made which include improved federal government commitment to beef-up security in schools in Northern Nigeria and a special orientation to sensitize the people on security matters in schools

Keywords: Boko Haram, Insurgency, Militancy, School Attendance

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