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Modelling and Control of Wind Turbine


This work covers the modelling of wind turbines for power system studies. The operation of horizontal, variable speed wind turbines with pitch control was investigated. Complexities of various parts of a wind turbine model, such as aerodynamic conversion, drive train and generator representation were analyzed. The mathematical equations describing the dynamic behaviour of a wind energy system were successfully simulated in gPROMS. The wind turbine model was further tested upon step changes in the wind velocity as well as the blade pitch angle, confirming the need of power control. Using wind turbine model, a power control structure was generated, that takes into consideration the dynamical aspects of the wind turbine as well as constraints. An explicit parametric controller, a novel control method, was designed using MATLAB and the Parametric Optimization (POP) software. A simple explicit optimal control law was constructed that allows the on-line implementation via simple linear function evaluations. The controller was implemented using gO: MATLAB and the simulation results.

Citation: Abubakar M.N. (2022) Modelling and Control of Wind Turbine, International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Vol.9 No.1, pp.62-80

Keywords: Control, Modelling, Wind, turbine

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