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Trap Color Effects of Fruit Flies in Cropping Lime Village Sigam Muara Enim District District Gelumbang


The use of pesticides tends to be the best controlling choice for the farmer to obtain satisfactory results regardless of environmental conditions. While the impact of pesticides on other fauna as well as\ the decrease of the pest insect populations have been overlooked. Studyof  the response of fruit flies to the trap color difference has been carried out in the lime farm of SigamVillage  II Miora from March to April 2014. The experiment used a completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 9 replications. The treatments tested were steiner traps baited in methyl eugenol without color treatment (control) and steiner traps baited with methyl eugenol treatment of the red, yellow and green. The results obtained show that there is one type of fruit flies which were trapped namely Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel. From the experiments, there are more fruit flies trapped in yellow color baited with Methyl eugenol, the average number of the fruit fly trapped is (11.74), followed by the Green color trap by the number of average (8.67), then the trap without color (control) (7.46) and the Red traps (7.28).

Keywords: Female Fruit Fly, Male Fruit Fly, Traps Color

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