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Biological activities of Aqueous extracts from Blue- Green Alga Nostoc muscorum Cultivated in Different Wastewater Sources


The present study aimed to evaluate the growth parameters and biological activities of Nostoc muscorum microalga cultivated on different waste water samples domestic, agriculture and industry waste water. The alga was cultivated in different kind of waste water; sterilized BG11 media = S-BG11 (control), Non-sterilized Treated Sewage Wastewater media = NS-TSW, sterilized Treated Sewage Wastewater media = S-TSW, 50%BG11 + 50% sterilized TSW media = 50%S-TSW, Non-sterilized Industrial Wastewater media = NS-IW, sterilized Industrial Wastewater media = S-IW, 50%BG11 + 50% sterilized Industrial Wastewater media = 50%S-IW, Non-sterilized Agriculture wastewater media = NS-AW, sterilized Agriculture wastewater media = S-AW, 50% stander media BG11+ 50% sterilized AW media = 50%S-AW.

The experiment was conducted in triplicate and cultures were incubated at 25 ±1 ◦C under continuous shaking (150 rpm) and illumination (2000 Lux) for 15 days. The pigments content and Biological activity include antioxidant using DPPH and ABTS radical methods, antiviral activity against Herpes silplex virus and the cytotoxicity for aqueous extracts in vivo and in vitro assays were also determined. The results revealed that, used of waste water as media for cultivation of microalgae is suitable and not expensive methods when compared with the ordinary cultivation methods. In addition to, the ability for production of active ingredient used as antioxidant and antiviral activities especially from algae cultivated in S-TSW, 50%-STSW, NS-AW and 50% S-AW without any toxicity.

Keywords: Nostoc muscorum – Waste water- Biological activities-Histological studies

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