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Natural theory of relativity


Abstract I have started this theory by deriving a different time dilation formula in an attempt to make the concepts of relativity more clear. I used the second postulate of special relativity i.e. the speed of light is constant for all inertial observers in free space i.e. vacuum and the same in all directions together with the well known fact that light takes a definite amount of time to travel between two points in space. I have then been able to get rid of the distortion, caused by the characteristics of the speed of light namely its constancy in all directions and the definite amount of time it takes to travel when it brings information from one point to another in space in combination with relative motion, in the form of infinite series. The distortion occurs symmetrically in the form of infinite series and leaves no skewness behind when get rid of. If we approximate the distorted value of a physical quantity to the first order, we get a distorted value. If we get rid of the distortion, in the form of infinite series, we get the actual value of the physical quantity. In the course of completing this theory I rejuvenated the concept of relative inertial kinetic energy and introduced relative gravitational acceleration at constant velocity in uniform circular motion. I have also been able to introduce the concept of length dilation. My theory is very consistent

Keywords: Characteristics of the Speed of Light, Distortion, Infinite Series, Relative Motion

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