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TVET and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities: Opportunities and Challenges


Independent living and access to decent means of living for persons with disabilities has the concerns of many governments and disabled people organizations for years. With science and technology taking the center stage in global approaches to development, new widow of opportunities is open for TVET education. The principal rationale for the systematic literature review was to examine the opportunities and challenges of inclusive TVET, share knowledge to spark and inspire processes that will usher rapid growth from all directions.A systematic review of the literatures using information collected from different sources was actuated. Different search engines were used and only peer-reviewed articles published after 2000 were selected except extracts perceived to be of fundamental mileage to the study. Inclusive TVET presents lot of opportunities that include self-reliance, acquisition of social and survival skills, improved job prospect, promotion at workplaces, wining employers’ trust and confident, national economic growth and reduction in governments’ spending on persons with disabilities, better health conditions, empowerment, competitiveness and self-employment, effectiveness and efficiency at workplaces. Notwithstanding, there are challenges which can be catalogued into attitudinal barriers, institutional barriers, environmental barriers, economic barriers, social barriers, political barriers, and cultural barriers. To conclude, the findings indicate great opportunities and more if the major constraints are addressed urgently.

Keywords: Challenges, Empowerment, Persons With Disabilities, TVET, opportunities

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