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A Cultural Analysis of Painted Canoe Symbols and Their Significance in the Fishing Acculturations of Axim and Winneba in Ghana


This study examined the symbols present on canoe paintings in the Axim and Winneba fishing communities located in the Western and Central Region of Ghana. The research approach employed was qualitative, using a descriptive research design. Data was collected through observation, interviews, and document reviews, with 25 participants providing insights into the phenomenon. The study found that the symbols on the canoes represented the owners’ personal relationships and incorporated various art forms such as animals, human figures, multinational telecommunication networks, and football clubs. These images served multiple purposes, including physical protection, decoration, identification, sanitation, and conceptual representation. The researchers recommend that the Ghana Museums and Monument Board (GMMB), the Centre for National Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, as well as individuals and businesses in the tourism industry, should focus on the coastal areas and recognize the cultural significance of the canoe symbols present in the fishing communities of Ghana. By doing so, they can tap into the tourism potential of these areas and use them to attract visitors

Keywords: Axim, Fishing, Winneba, canoes, painting and cultural., symbols

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