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Researching 4Ps Roles toward Each Other from View of Customers to Achieve Success in Marketing by Domestic Aluminum Producers


In our today competitive world, customers are the main focus of attentions for organizations; and their satisfaction is the main factor of acquiring competitive advantages for the companies. Also to attract customers’ satisfaction and meet the needs of them would not be achieved unless you have the exact recognition of customers’ requirements, expectations, tendencies, abilities and their limits in purchasing products. So by access to such information and using effective factors, making proper decisions, success in marketing and corporation progress will be achievable. To know different dimensions of customers’ tendencies and prioritize the related indicators in a standard frame is the most considerable, which in this study; the mentioned frame is marketing mix (the major variable) and its subdivision. By presenting the primitive model of research, according to the fact that in real world the variables have effect on each other, the first questionnaire is used to find out the quality of variables relations and to finalize the research method by means of DEMATEL method. The next two questionnaires are used to find out the weight of variables in marketing success and access to competitive advantages by means of ANP (analytical network process) and AHP (analytical hierarchy process) methods. Due to the study results, it is proved that the variable of product has the most influence on marketing success.

Keywords: Analytical Network Process (ANP), Customers’ Satisfaction, Marketing Mix, Marketing Success.

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