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Adire Textile: A Cultural Heritage and Entrepreneurial Craft in Egbaland, Nigeria


Nigerian multi-ethnic and diverse culture, gives a lot of value to its arts, which primarily include ivory carving, grass weaving, wood carving, leather and calabash, pottery, painting, cloth weaving, glass and metal works. Perhaps more than any form of art, the art of cloth (Adire) making reflects the culture from which they come. The art’s value (Adire making) has certainly been developed over a long period of time, only time make it stronger as it passes from generation to generation. Adire textiles which, is the indigo dyed cloth is an integral part of the culture and cultural heritage of the people of Egba kingdom in south western Nigeria.It is the major local craft by the women who use a variety of resist dye techniques in their entrepreneurial and artistic efforts, to produce various design of adire textile for both the local and national market.Using survey and questionnaire, this paper therefore traces the evolution of traditional Adire production and its uses among the people of Egbaland in Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole, and as a spring that supplies different vocations like designers, pattern makers,dryers, tie and dye experts, cloth and brocade sellers, merchandisers, distributors, oloolu (local ironers) and other related menial jobs. Thus, this study attempts to examine the impact of Adire textile as a cultural heritage on entrepreneurial development in Ogun state, Nigeria. Findings reveal that adire making has undergone innovation which has helped in creating incremental wealth and generate employment for the people. Based on these findings, policy recommendations were made to the government to support people in this sector through provision of credit facilities to enable them expand their capacity through the use of modern equipment. Moreso, the art of adire making should be introduced into the academic curriculum in colleges, to enable interested students have adequate knowledge right from school.

Keywords: Adire Textile and Egbaland, Cultural Heritage, Entrepreneurial Craft

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