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The Murky Waters: Climate Change, Migration, and the Evolving Threat of Crime in Nigeria


This paper delves into the multifaceted relationship between climate change and crime in Nigeria, exploring whether climate-related phenomena influence crime rates. Leveraging secondary data from academic and news sources, the study finds evidence that temperature increases, a key facet of climate change, significantly impact specific crime types. Notably, homicides, robberies, herder-farmer conflicts, and burglaries exhibit a positive correlation with rising temperatures. The analysis draws upon the ecological theory of crime, emphasizing how environmental transformations shape crime patterns. Recognizing the potential burden of climate-driven crime, the study recommends incorporating climate change mitigation strategies within Nigeria’s criminal justice system and broader policy landscape. This proactive approach offers the potential to not only combat environmental challenges but also mitigate the associated rise in criminal activity.


Keywords: Climate Change, Crime, Migration, crime rates, temperature

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