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Employees’ Satisfaction with Recruitment and Selection, Performance Appraisal and Compensations in Rivers State Ministry of Sports


The study investigated the extent of employees’ satisfaction with recruitment and selection, performance appraisal and compensations in Rivers State Ministry of Sports. Three research questions and hypotheses guided this study. Cross sectional survey design was used for the study. The sample size for the study was 243 of the population in the study drawn through census sampling technique. A self-structured questionnaire titled “Employees’ Satisfaction with Human Resource Management Practices Questionnaire” (ESHRMPQ) was used. Mean, standard deviation and z-test were used for data analysis using SPSS version 23. The result shows that to a moderate extent employees are satisfied with recruitment and selection in Rivers State Ministry of Sports and to a high extent, employees are satisfied with perceived equality of the salary structure, remuneration commensurate with the obligation and benefits of the company are commensurate with the organizational norms. Also, there is a significant difference in the male and female employees’ satisfaction with performance appraisal, recruitment and selection in Rivers State Ministry of Sports. But, irrespective of gender, there is no significant difference in employees’ satisfaction with compensation and benefits in Rivers State Ministry of Sports. It is recommended that directors of various sports parastatals need to carry out performance reviews on a regular basis in order to set targets and to get input on progress towards those goals. Routine incentives and benefits should be given to enable workers to continue to contribute to the quality of their jobs and government should ensure a good recruitment and selection process, successful socialization strategies and enhanced individual participation.

Keywords: Performance Appraisal, Recruitment and Selection, Rivers State Ministry of Sports, compensations, employees’ satisfaction

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