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Correlate of Grade Point Average (GPA) In Mathematics Among Undergraduate Students in Ekiti State


The study investigated the correlate of grade point average (GPA) in mathematics among undergraduate students in Ekiti State. The study employed ex-post facto, research design of survey type. The sample for the study was made up of one hundred and fifty (150) students which were randomly selected from different levels through stratified random sampling techniques in three (3) tertiary institutions in the state. A self-developed Performa was used as an instrument to collect data for the study. Three (3) hypotheses were formulated for the study and tested using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was used to analysis at 0.05 level of significance. The results showed that there was low positive relationship among GPA 1, GPA 2 and GPA 3 of the performance of students in mathematics; there was low positive relationship between student’s performance in the first three sessions GPA 1 GPA2 (GPA 1, GPA 2, GPA 3) and the final year performance (GPA4) of students in mathematics. Also, there was no significant composite effects of GPA 1, GPA 2, and GPA 3 on GPA 4 in mathematics there was no significant relative contributions of GPA 1, GPA 2 and GPA 3 on GPA 4 in mathematics and lastly, GPA 1, GPA 2 and GPA 3 will not significantly predict the achievement of students in GPA 4 in mathematics. The study recommended that assessment used to measure mathematics achievement at the national level as well as in classroom.

Keywords: Average, Correlate, Universities, grade, undergraduate

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