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Impact of Job Satisfaction on Teachers Performance: A Case Study of Katagum Education Authority, Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi State


This study assessed the relationship between the level of teachers’ job satisfaction, motivation and their teaching performance in Zonal education in Katagum Local Government Area Bauchi State of Nigeria. The purpose of the study is to investigate if there is any significant relationship between the teacher’s low salary and job satisfaction and performance of teachers in government schools at the secondary level. A convenient sample size of 680 participants was randomly selected but only 500 questionnaires were correctly filled and returned. A two null hypothesis questionnaire titled “Teachers’ job Satisfaction and Performance Questionnaire” (TEJOSAPOQ) was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance using the chi-square statistics. The survey results revealed that teacher related sources of job satisfaction seem to have a greater impact on teaching performance, as teachers are also dissatisfied with the educational policies and administration, pay and fringe benefits, material rewards and advancement. And it was recommended that it is for the school authorities, policy makers and society at large to ensure factors contributing to job satisfaction of teachers to the maximum possible extent and thereby enhancing their teaching performance to its optimum. The government should come up with efficient modern and systematic teachers’ promotion system that will be based on professional standards and performance in order to create transparency, fairness teachers’ promotion system. Any unethical practice by the educational officers regarding unfair promotion should be reported and immediately charged before the law.


Keywords: Motivation, Relationship, jobs satisfaction, teaching performance

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