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Gender Based Violence: A Silent Epidemic, Knowledge and Patterns in Ibadan, Oyo State


Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a crucial social, health issues which is a great concern to human rights abuse globally. There could be increase in their presentations and patterns. The study aims to determine knowledge and patterns of GBV among residents of Idi-Arere in Ibadan South-East Local Government Area; Oyo State. Descriptive quantitative cross-sectional design was used among 220 residents of Idi-Arere in Ibadan South-East Local Government Area, Oyo State were randomly selected. Data was collected by a self-developed questionnaire with the aid of research assistants. Theory of reasoned action was used for the study. Majority 124 (56.4%) of the respondents were females and in 10-59 years range. Most of the respondents had poor knowledge 111 (50.5%) More than half 138 (62.7%) of the total case of the GBV had been sexually abuse one time or the other. Also, majority of the respondents 195 (88.6%) had been physically abused. It is therefore concluded that majority of the victims were 195 (88.6%) females were physically abused and recommended among other things that, Community Health Nurses should assist in preventing gender based violence through family and community intervention programmes.

Keywords: Epidemics, Ibadan, Patterns, gender-based violence

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