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Green Building for Nigeria Public Institutions towards Effective Administration of Public Properties: A Case Study of Military Barracks and Police Stations in Anambra State, Nigeria


Despite the huge environmental and energy problem in Nigeria/designers have not seen the need for a shift from their traditional method of designing buildings. This study proposes the adoption of green building concept for Nigeria public institutions as a way of enhancing effective administration of public properties, with reference to military barracks and police stations in Nigeria.  observations as a primary source of data was used to gather information’s because of the military and police headquarters in Anambra state refused to grant interviews. Secondary data sources was also used. Findings/observations made from the study showed that the barrack buildings and premises including some part of the premises need renovation urgently. It was also found out that due to poor electricity supply, households of police officers and their offices resort to informal power supply which contributes to global warming. The paper recommends that there is need for a holistic adoption of green design either in new or old building as lack of it has been observed to be adverse to efficiency in buildings and environmental sustainability in Nigeria, most especially public institutions.

Keywords: Effective Administration, Green Building, Military Barracks, Nigeria, Police Stations, Public Institutions, Public Properties

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