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Incorporating Traditional Architecture into Modern Architecture: Case Study of Yoruba Traditional Architecture


This paper first examines the characteristics of traditional architecture with particular reference to the Yorubas of western Nigeria. In this respect, the paper examines various aspects including the characteristic layout patterns of the courtyard, the functionality and general characteristics of the compound, and the unity of purpose and functions provided by the characteristics of the housing. The paper, also discuss the aesthetics provided, the social services and the characteristics of environmental adaptation, for example, in the use of the materials, and the characteristics of the shapes and structures of the houses. The paper finally examines how the characteristics of these aspects of Yoruba architecture can be incorporated into modern architecture particularly with respect to the layout or pattern in the concept of genealogy based on descent relation to cultural values, and preservation of family ties. The paper also examines the functionality of the architectural patterns and layout especially with regards to socializing, recreation and productive economic activities. Adaptation to the environment interms of local raw materials and promoting comfortable indoor climates are also the focus of this paper.

Keywords: Incorporating, Modern Architecture, Traditional Architecture, Yoruba

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