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Overview of Traditional Birth Attendance in Nigeria


Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) has played a significant role in maternal healthcare in Nigeria for centuries. This paper provides an overview of Traditional Birth Attendance practices in Nigeria, exploring the conceptual analysis, determinants of traditional birth attendance usage, mothers’ reasons for Choosing TBAs for delivery services, and integration into the Health Care System. The paper highlights the essential role of TBAs in preserving cultural heritage, community support, and local knowledge related to childbirth. However, it also identifies numerous challenges associated with TBA practices, including inadequate training, limited medical knowledge, unhygienic birthing conditions, and the potential risks of complications during childbirth. In conclusion, this overview sheds light on the complex landscape of Traditional Birth Attendance in Nigeria. The coexistence of traditional practices and modern healthcare systems presents unique challenges and opportunities. A balanced approach that respects cultural traditions, while prioritizing safe and skilled birth attendance, holds the potential to enhance maternal and child health outcomes in Nigeria. Further research and collaborative efforts are needed to create an integrated and comprehensive healthcare system that caters to the diverse needs of the Nigerian population.


Keywords: Nigeria, overview, traditional birth attendance

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